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Man Stay Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-10
Quick site rank and complete review of Man Stay | Categories: Amateur, Gay, Solomodel

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poor rank
Our Rating: 62/100

Quality of Content: 18/25

Purchase Value: 12/20

Leased/Own Content: 13/15

Update Frequency: 1/10

Content Variety: 7/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 3/5

Originality: 7/10

Navigation: 1/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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REASON: The site has been closed and there is a different web on the domain now.

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My Opinion About ManStay

What do hot and horny dudes do when they're all alone? On ManStay they do what any hot-blooded guy would do; they jerk themselves wildly. However, in this case they masturbate for out pleasure as well as theirs. There aren't any private, hidden, closeted moments on this site!

Amateur is probably the best word to describe the models and style of ManStay. Obviously, these guys aren't amateurs when it comes to spanking their monkey, but they don't appear to be pornstars, although I know I have seen at least one dude on another site somewhere.

Design and navigation is really quite plain. There are four preview images and an arrow icon at the bottom of the members' page so that you can travel on to the next page on the list. There is a link to see more videos and this takes you to a non-exclusive collection of video feed links. There is also a VOD theatre, a toy store, a link to become a model for the site. Things aren't difficult to find, but I wasn't keen on navigating the pages of exclusive content. You have to go through every page to see what is being offered. This is initially fine, but it makes returning to your favourite movie a little bit of a pain. Aside from the homepage, you can click on a link called 'site'. I preferred viewing content here. All the episodes are listed on the one page. It's obviously redundant, but I was happy the option was available.

There are 22 videos at the moment. Frankly, the webmasters don't go out of their way to entice us to view anything. There are preview images and model names, but no scene descriptions. Also, while some of the images reveal the guys' faces, some of the images just show cock, which is fine for anyone who just wants cock and doesn't care about the look the guy attached to it. When on the homepage, I clicked one of the images, expecting to go to a model page, but instead I was taken to the photo gallery. The 1920x1090 are certainly large enough, but they appeared to be screencaps that were too blurry to be worth the time. The image was also far too large for the page and this screwed up the layout. At least there were some brief scene descriptions, which I had earlier been hoping to find. However, you will need to use the horizontal and vertical scroll to read the one or two sentences.

It turns out that the 'site' link isn't so redundant. It takes us to the videos. These also come with images that are smaller, but they seemed crisper. Viewing them is really odd, though and the photos, which popup at the top of the page, end up making the page look sloppy. Anyhow, the movies - well, the first movie I clicked on happened to be a photo show. I go back to the initial page and find the video link. There is a note saying that there is over 8000 streaming minutes every month. My question is where? At this point I was starting to get really annoyed. Pages were taking forever to load and not finding the video links was daunting. I switched from my Firefox browser to my IE browser just in case the site wasn't compatible with Firefox, but the experience was exactly the same - awful.

Final Verdict

Navigating this site is an effort of frustration. Sure, there are cute guys masturbating alone or with friends, but there aren't video downloads and photos pretty much suck. Also, when I entered the 'supposed' video area, I noticed that the latest movie was added March 8, 2008 and for me, that was the final straw. If you're into masochism, then ManStay would seem to be the site where you can experience pain just through the navigation alone.

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